Assault & Domestic Assault

The lawyers at Helps Law Corporation have extensive experience dealing with assault charges, including domestic assault. In British Columbia, the files that are domestic assault files are called “K” files because they are designated with that letter on the Court File.  Assault of any kind is a criminal charge that can result in serious consequences.  Assault is generally divided into 5 areas:

        1. Assault – any non-consensual application of force. This can include a barfight, road rage, or any time violence is

           applied from one person to another.

        2. Assault Causing Bodily Harm – when assault hurts someone in a way that isn't temporary or transient.

        3. Assault With a Weapon – when a weapon is used to commit an assault. Any object can be a weapon when used in this way.

        4. Aggravated Assault – when the assault was particularly serious and resulted in severe injury.

        5. Domestic Assault – this kind of assault can be charged as any one of the above, but is designated with a “k” on the court

        file, and can include assaults between domestic partners, married people, parent and child or other family member. There

        may be different considerations to take into account when an  assault is charged as a “k” file that may include more complex

        bail terms, or arrangements for minor children.

There are many defences to these types of charges and we are experienced lawyers who will consult with you and discuss your best options for either trial or guilty plea. We are always focussed on what is in your best interests.

We understand that assault charges can affect every area of your life, including your ability to parent, teach, volunteer, be employed and cross borders. We believe that it is imperative to have representation as soon as possible. Our lawyers can intercede, gather evidence, attend an interview with the police or with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (if a “k file” involving children), make submissions to Crown Counsel and get these matters dropped, if possible, before charges ever happen.

We believe our best representation happens in our cases you've never heard of – because we work to ensure our clients are never charged. We prioritize discretion and effective advocacy when there is an investigation.

If you do have to go to Court, we are experienced counsel who pride ourselves on being the lawyers other lawyers come to with these kids of charges. We are dedicated trial lawyers with a history of, and reputation for, excellence.

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