URGENT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: You have a limited time to file an appeal, which is 30 days after the final decision a judge makes on sentencing. Please call us immediately: 604-879-0006 if you are worried about timelines.

We are experienced appellate (appeals)  counsel who argue at the Court of Appeal on an ongoing basis. If you wish to appeal a criminal or civil case that has been decided in Provincial or Supreme Court, Helps Law Corporation can help.

There are two types of criminal appeals that Helps Law lawyers argue: conviction appeals and sentence appeals.

·      A conviction appeal means that you want to appeal from a finding of guilty by a judge.

·      A sentence appeal means that you want to appeal from a sentence given to you by a judge after a finding of guilt or a guilty plea.

There are limited timelines with which to file an appeal. Usually, an appeal can be filed up to 30 days from the date of the judgment, although in some instances the Court will allow for an appeal to be filed after that date.

Bail Pending Appeal

Often, it's important for our clients to get out of jail pending the appeal.