Major criminal offences demand the same kind of care and attention that murder trials do.
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If you are charged with a serious offence, it is crucial to ask how much experience your lawyer has with jury trials. In murder cases, for example, there may be a mandatory trial by jury. If this is so, be sure that your lawyer has extensive experience in front of a jury--a different kind of practice than a trial by judge alone.

All our lawyers are trained for jury trials; all our lawyers have experience working in front of juries for the best defence possible.

We will fight for you using our superior knowledge of the law, written arguments, excellent cross-examination, and advanced trial techniques.


Most major crime trials include fighting a wiretap authorization. We have extensive successful experience having judicial orders for wiretaps overturned. Without the information furnished by wiretap, Crown cannot proceed to trial.

We work with experts in fields as diverse as structural and dynamic engineering (car accident matters) to drug experts, toxicologists and polygraphists to get you the best defence possible.

Helps Law will ensure that you get the extraordinary defence you deserve. All cases are treated with discretion, sensitive client care, and thorough service.

We work with you to win.

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