What Are Your Rights When You Are Pulled Over by a Cop in Vancouver?

When you are pulled over by a cop in Vancouver, don’t panic. Know your basic rights when dealing with police in Vancouver. No matter what you did before the officer stopped your car, follow our advice. Keep your legal options open.

You have the right to silence when pulled over by a cop in Vancouver. You or your passengers do not need to confess to wrongdoing.

Contact a lawyer immediately if you face Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP) & Administrative Driving Prohibitions (ADP) after being pulled over at a roadside stop. You only have seven days to file an appeal if your licence is suspended in Vancouver.

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Know Your Basic Rights When Dealing with Police in Vancouver

During a roadside stop, you do not have to answer any questions in a way that incriminates you. Your passengers do not have to answers any questions when you are pulled over by a cop in Vancouver. You have the right to silence.

A cop who has pulled you over may lean in and smell your car and ask, “Have you had anything to drink or done any drugs this evening?”

The police officer does not have the right to ask you this question. No matter what you have done, the answer to this question is no. You still have these basic rights when dealing with police in Vancouver.

Be polite during the stop. If you are told you must give a breath sample, give one. Do not refuse the breath test. A refusal results in an automatic fail and the highest possible penalties under the law.

Remember that you have basic rights when dealing with police in Vancouver. When you are pulled over by a cop: 

1.  Do not to confess to any wrongdoing.

2.  Be polite.

3.  Submit to the breath test if asked.

Don’t Lose Your Drivers’ Licence

If you are given an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP), the penalties are expensive and time-consuming.

At the roadside stop, the cop may take your license and suspend it for 90 days as well as impound your vehicle for 30 days. If your car is impounded, you are responsible for paying the tow and impoundment fees, which may cost more than $680.

In addition, other penalties include: 

·       The Responsible Drivers' Program: $886

·       Interlock: estimated $1200 for the year

·       Fine: $500

·       Licence reinstatement fee: $750

 If you contest the IRP and win the review, you get your vehicle and licence back and the other penalties no longer apply.

How to Fight if Your Licence is Suspended in Vancouver

You must act immediately within seven days if your licence is suspended in Vancouver by a police officer under the Motor Vehicle Act on their belief that you were driving impaired.

What you must do is request the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles review your Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP).

You may choose to challenge the IRP on your own, or you may elect to retain a lawyer’s help.

This is how the IRP review process works at Helps Law Corporation:

1.  Contact lawyer immediately. (The appeal must be filed within seven calendar days.)

2.  Bring IRP paperwork to law office.

3.  Give lawyer permission to take case.

4.  Pay retainer.

5.  Lawyer requests written or oral review.

6.  Lawyer receives police file on case.

7.  Lawyer reviews paperwork.

8.  Lawyer briefs client on case.

9.  Client decides whether to continue the challenge.

Helps Law tends to win 80 to 90 percent of these types of cases.

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