Impaired Driving and Prohibitions

URGENT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: You have 7 days from the date of the roadside stop to file an appeal for an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) or an Administrative Driving Prohibition (ADP). You must file a dispute as soon as possible through any ICBC Drivers' Services Centre or Service BC office. Call us immediately if you suspect that you have one of these prohibitions: 604-879-0006. We can help.

There are two major types of driving matters:

1. Criminal Code driving matters that result in criminal charges; and,

2. Motor Vehicle Act driving matters that result in Prohibitions and traffic tickets.

At Helps Law, we are experienced Motor Vehicle Act and Criminal Code lawyers dealing with all types of driving charges. We know that it is important for you to be able to drive – for your family, your work, your employment, your life. We will get you back on the road.


·      Immediate Roadside (IRP) & Administrative Driving Prohibitions (ADP)

·      Impaired driving (including causing death or bodily harm) & over 80

·      Driving while prohibited

·      Vehicle impoundments

·      Motor Vehicle Act offences

At Helps Law, we have thousands of hours of experience dealing with the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, ICBC, Crown Counsel and the Courts.

The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles has the power, on their own initiative, to suspend your licence, either with or without pending criminal charges. Lawyers at Helps Law Corporation are all trained in this legislation.

Criminal Code Driving Matters

Helps Law aggressively defends our clients charged with impaired driving, impaired driving causing bodily harm or death, criminal negligence and other driving related Criminal Code charges. In British Columbia, impaired driving charges are rare because of legislation brought in after 2008 that makes it more likely that you will receive a roadside suspension instead of a criminal charge, but they do still happen in cases where there is an accident, the driving conduct has been serious or where you've had multiple roadside suspensions.

 The penalty for a first time impaired driving conviction can be catastrophic. The mandatory minimum on first conviction is a criminal record, $1000 fine and a one year driving prohibition. This can affect your ability to earn a living, travel and can financially cripple many people.

Just because your breath samples were over .08% does not mean you are automatically guilty. Drunk driving, impaired driving, and accident cases are difficult, technical and procedural. There is lots of room for negotiation with the police and Crown Counsel and there are many winning arguments at trial.

Have you been pulled over and asked to provide a breath sample or had an accident? You should immediately book a free consultation with Helps Law Corporation at 604-879-0006. Lawyers are available in emergency situations 24 hours a day. Do not wait until you're under arrest to call!

We provide representation in court, negotiations with the Crown, court representation for bail hearings  for serious driving charges, and peace of mind for you.

Have you been charged with impaired driving? Go to court with experienced, aggressive representation. Call Helps Law Corporation at 604-879-0006 for your free 1/2 hour in office consultation.

Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP)

A police officer can suspend your licence under the Motor Vehicle Act on their belief that you are impaired. You have 7 days to dispute this kind of prohibition or your drivers licence will be suspended for 90 days and your vehicle will be impounded for 30 days.

You will also have to complete a Responsible Drivers’ Program and have an Interlock installed in your car – both expensive and time consuming penalties. The Responsible Drivers' Program costs $886 and the Interlock costs about $1200 for the year. This is in addition to the fine $250 and relicencing fee of $500, and the towing and storage fees for your vehicle.

Winning your IRP means that your car is released, your licence reinstated, and those costly penalties no longer apply.

To dispute your IRP, we apply to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, which is a $100-200 filing fee paid to the Superintendent. We receive the disclosure from the police officer and then give you an opinion as to whether your appeal may be successful. If you decide to go ahead with the review, we represent you, either in writing or orally, at the hearing. If we go through with the hearing, we have a very high success rate – 97% of our clients win these hearings.

Have you been pulled over and received an IRP? You should immediately book a free consultation with Helps Law Corporation at 604-879-0006.