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If you are being investigated or arrested for murder,
this is an emergency situation.

Call us 24 hours a day at 604-879-0006.
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We will be at your side from your first consultation to the verdict.


What are the types of culpable homicide?

First or Second Degree Murder: where the accused person intends and does cause death. The difference between first- and second-degree murder is whether the death was “planned and deliberate”.

Attempted Murder: where the accused person intended for the complainant to die, but the complainant didn't die.

Manslaughter: where the accused caused the death of the complainant but didn't mean to


Do not wait until you’re under arrest to contact us. It’s imperative to have a good lawyer on your side from the time you are being investigated.

If you are being arrested, you have the right to talk to an experienced murder defence lawyer on arrest. Our lawyers will give you detailed information on what to expect during your interrogation. We will also arrange for a bail hearing (which can only happen in Supreme Court).

We will be with you through the entire process from the preliminary inquiry, where we set up your defences, all the way to trial.

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